Platform Features

System & Mission Definition

Easily define, upload, and update schemas for different system / vehicle types, mission profiles, objectives, simulation results, and telemetry format. Maintain a master record of systems, configurations, and mission profiles.

Environmental Forecasts

Specify geographical region of interest and time windows, select parameters of interest, and download the best high-resolution meteorological and oceanic forecast data in NetCDF, GRIB, or other convenient formats.

Telemetry I/O and Storage

Maintain all your data hot, indexed and readily available in the cloud for fast querying. Avoid versioning and other headaches managing big files, dealing with memory limits, and wrestling with data i/o.

Scalable Cloud Compute

Take mission, weather, telemetry, and other data to fast, scalable cloud-based pipelines. Run descriptive / predictive stats, add derived signals, filters, or models. Perform on-demand or scheduled custom jobs using your own logic.

WRF/NWP as-a-Service

Run the WRF suite of tools as a cloud, on-demand or scheduled service, allowing you to configure and run the most popular weather prediction models right from your browser or from an API.

Fastest Data Search Engine

Construct complex data search queries and get results across all your datasets, regardless of format or structure. No need to block your workstation or re-index because you’re searching for complex conditions.

Programmatic API Interface

Interact with the system via APIs leveraging pre-tested out-of-the-box libraries. Push data, get data, change input parameters, adjust modeling choices, output formats, kick off jobs, and get notifications when results are ready.

Real Time Weather Data

Connect local weather, buoys, or LiDAR stations to online dashboards to visualize, and share real time conditions with other users. Compatible with Davis Instruments weather stations and other providers.

Interactive Visualization

Navigate search results interactively, zooming in or out, scrolling over time, and gaining insights from the juxtaposition of layers encompassing raw, processed, and label / textual event data.

Matlab & Python Compatible

Leverage functionality, storage and compute from within your normal work environment. No need to learn new scripting or programming languages, or force engineers into new / different tooling.

Online Team Collaboration

Like Google docs, but for complex data analysis. Share queries, data, parameters, notes, labels, model outputs, plots, and code with your team. Distribute analysis of problems and conduct design reviews via collaborative online workflows.

Professional Services

Have a special project in mind? Consult with our technical product managers, software developers, and meteorology, and environmental modeling experts to review and analyze your needs and requirements, and let us take a shot at it.